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Hurrcn381 - May 26th, '20, 16:48
My first time using ChatBox...
no better time than now to say THANK YOU JUSTDOIT & TACES23 :win :win
taces23 - May 27th, '20, 04:18
Hurrcn381, You’re welcome, glad that we could help. :)
melby - Jun 6th, '20, 22:34
Why is it that I have to re-load the login page 7 times before it will not redirect to this ampug page in order to login?? This is a every time occurrence. I tried blocking the ampug page and apparently it is a function of the website because nothing will load then.
taces23 - Jun 17th, '20, 22:14
melby, I’ve just deleted the board’s cookies, try logging in again. If this doesn’t work, try using NoScript add-ons.
taces23 - Jun 17th, '20, 22:17
Note to all: by deleting the cookies, you’ll notice that each one of you has been logged out. Just log in as you normally would.
MeMyselfNI - Jun 21st, '20, 11:40
Finally out of my car & into a trailer in a quiet country trailer park. So More time (and comfort) to post & take care of my mod duties here.The wif-fi ain’t the fastest, but it’s included in the space rent and I ain’t complaining.
desert punk v3 - Jun 21st, '20, 13:28
good to hear
taces23 - Jun 21st, '20, 20:01
MeMyselfNI, Hope things will get better for you. :)
supermodel - Jun 27th, '20, 01:39
I posted a bunch of old Candydoll Alyssa stuff, get it while it’s online if you dont have yet.
supermodel - Jun 27th, '20, 11:00
posted some more Alissa stuff. Now I just need to get all her FL sets and video, unfortunately people are paranoid about sharing those, because of the silly idea they get found out, which is 100% BS.
justdoit - Jun 27th, '20, 14:07
Anyone getting redirects lately? It’s been pretty nice on my end....ThankYou?
taces23 - Jun 28th, '20, 19:23
supermodel, I’ve edited your chat comment on Jun 27th, ’20, 06:39. See the rule below: :noo

* No asking for or providing personal information of any model or girl. This includes but is not confined to, real names, social media accounts, blogs, hometowns, current occupation, etc.
markmarkymark - Jun 28th, '20, 22:10
tonight I have started to see lots of redirects from the homepage via the ampugi disease machine. Has somebody made some changes? Maybe to the partners list or adverts on the page.
taces23 - Jun 29th, '20, 13:23
markmarkymark, It’s been about 2 weeks since the last update to the board as a whole, 18 June 2020, 20:00 to be exact. I didn’t make this update but I don’t see it as being the cause for the multiple redirects.
I’m not having issues but just one redirect on a daily basis, which is the norm for me. So I feel this as a browser/Adblock issue. Was this your first visit after June 18? If anyone else is having the same issue, please post your comments via chatbox. Maybe GB can better explain the situation.
JAY71 - Jun 29th, '20, 17:55
what the hell is wrong with this website KEEPGETTING POPUPS FROM AMPUG bla bla bla and other shit. I have a serious strong security on this pc popup killers and adblockers AND STILL it gets through.. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT..... I had to loging today 17 times tilli fully got logged in. and now still when i open a page on this website get popup from ampug and this website is gone. IT’s REALY STARTING TO PISS ME OFF
JAY71 - Jun 29th, '20, 17:59
anf again her we go getting redirected FUCK THIS im out fucking start to hate this website BYE BYE REST IN PIECES
markmarkymark - Jun 29th, '20, 19:18
@taces23 no I have been here most days since 18 June. But on this current visit I have not been re-directed.
supermodel - Jun 29th, '20, 20:29
please replace "latest topics" with "latest posts" instead. which is far more useful!!!
taces23 - Jun 30th, '20, 10:34
JAY71, We understand that you and others are upset with the issue of the multiple log-ins and redirects, that’s expected. But please try to refrain from using inflammatory profanity, it only causes more problems and adds to the frustration. This is the first comment I’ve seen you make on the issue. Had you commented 5+ times about it, the swearing would be more reasonable.
HannaM - Jun 30th, '20, 20:07

You can try the add on Noscript, I have not had any Login problems or pop-up’s what so ever.
GhostBtch - Jul 1st, '20, 17:07
:!: Guys, I removed all script ads. Please, purge your cache and try to navigate normally. If you still found some redirect let me know which page it happened. Send me a PM, please.
Fetichista_77 - Jul 1st, '20, 19:31
I can enter without any problem, thank you very much GhostBtch.
melby - Jul 1st, '20, 20:49
thanks so much for removing the script ads. World of difference
taces23 - Jul 6th, '20, 19:09
I’ve created a new forum for discussions on issues with this board and to help us improve to be a better community.
I’ve started a survey-topic for it so that all users can select the issues that pertain to them and if they wish, can post their comments on the issues. It’s a "WIP" but I hope it will help us. :)
epshot25 - Jul 7th, '20, 22:27
Be sure to check out Upscaled Classics thread in Themed NoNude Collections area. There is a variety of content upscaled in higher resolution.
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