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desert punk v3 - Apr 27th, '20, 15:10
firefox blocks the pop ups up I see
nutcracker - Apr 27th, '20, 18:37
I have firefox and it is just as bad. I have the blocker turned on and several ad on blockers. . . nothing works. Its a new pop up every other click.
avghubby - Apr 27th, '20, 19:09
From what i’ve read about the ampug redirect pandemic, its easy for culprits to script in, and quite difficult for webmasters to get rid of. May not be an easy task for our boys.
melby - Apr 27th, '20, 20:25
Everytime I try to login to site ampug redirects minimum of 3-4 times. When I finally do get logged in the very next click I make is ampug redirect again
desert punk v3 - Apr 27th, '20, 23:06
no redirects here just using firefox with no add ons what so ever
nutcracker - Apr 28th, '20, 02:26
DP, its obvious for whatever reason you are the exception to the rule. You are the ONLY person who is not having these issues from what Ive read.
taces23 - Apr 28th, '20, 02:29
For the last two days, I would get a pop-up window every time I clicked on a page.
I use Google Chrome and I cleared the cookies from this site, via browser settings, and the pop-ups have stopped. Keeping my fingers crossed that it will stay this way for a while. :pray
taces23 - Apr 28th, '20, 03:21
Well, that was short-lived. The pop-up windows are back but they aren’t as frequent as before.
Only once every so often.
taces23 - Apr 28th, '20, 19:19
The pop-up windows have reduced quite a bit today. I don’t know if this is what did it for me, but I’ve turned on my Ad-Block Plus extension and disabled it for this site only. I’ve not had any more pop-ups all day and that’s with the log-ins and clicking multiple pages. I’m happy. :D
ThunderLightningRain - Apr 28th, '20, 20:44
Firefox with NoScript blocks all ads and redirects for me. I don’t know why you people torture yourself.
justdoit - Apr 29th, '20, 02:18
BIG THANKS! A noticeable & welcomed improvement with the POP UPS/Redirects. Problems in the future? I am a Ninja specializing in the art of killing POP UPS. Free lessons for members. Welcome to my Dojo....jdi
desert punk v3 - May 8th, '20, 16:56
u all dont mind if i put free links with linkbucks right?
taces23 - May 8th, '20, 17:47
desert punk v3, It’s allowed and you shouldn’t have any complaints. You’ve got the "green light" to move forward. Thanks for asking. :win
desert punk v3 - May 8th, '20, 18:07
oh thanks
tbwillie - May 10th, '20, 01:36
Thanks to all those who continue to contribute. It gives me hope during these crazy times.
taces23 - May 12th, '20, 07:35
As of 12 May 2020, HexUpload will be temporarily banned. It’s not in the approved list nor affiliated with any of the Multi-File hosts. After testing it, I found it had excessive pop-ups.
I’m looking for feedback on this host so please post your comments within the following topic: file-hosting/hexupload-t85891.html
justdoit - May 12th, '20, 12:41
Hey Hurrcn I’m working on a possible solution? Hang in there my Friend.... :d44
desert punk v3 - May 14th, '20, 15:16
anyone ever got paid from dailyupload?
justdoit - May 16th, '20, 05:36
I’m so HAPPY! right now. Who do I THANK? It was NOT MAGIC. Was it from the MAN ABOVE??Whoever or Whatever DOUBLE BIG THANK YOU! Navigating AMF has been WONDERFUL! :clap
nutcracker - May 16th, '20, 12:43
Im having worse problems than even. ALmost unbearable. NoScript didnt help at all.
justdoit - May 16th, '20, 14:16
Hey Hurrcn381 the door is open Please try again my Friend
justdoit - May 17th, '20, 23:31
OMG!!!WELCOME MY FRIEND!!! :crie :shock: :D
justdoit - May 17th, '20, 23:55
Biggest THANKS to taces23 :rev :win :clap...... :d44 jdi
taces23 - May 18th, '20, 00:30
justdoit, You’re welcome. I’m looking forward to your friend’s posts. :)
justdoit - May 25th, '20, 15:44
Is it OK to be in a good mood during a Pandemic? Well I’m and I just wanted to Thank all of my Friends.....Happy Downloading! And gosh it would be nice if more of you Uploaded too? :pray
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