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Tinymodels - Aug 22nd, '19, 01:01
HI taces. Hope your playing games on on level 99 by now. :win . Not to be a slacker there will be a new model on
sweet-lacey.com tomorrow also. Sergei @newstar.
taces23 - Aug 25th, '19, 20:48
Tinymodels, I’ve just seen her UNP preview over at Clipmonster. She really is a ’Sweet Model’ and I think she’ll be well-liked just as the previous two Lacey models, thank you. :rev
GhostBtch - Aug 26th, '19, 15:46
New chat subforums in portuguese, russian, japanese, french and german languages available - chat-discussion/
Tinymodels - Aug 27th, '19, 19:09
Hi. No one seems to have liked the new sunshine model.. she had a few months and lost money in all of them. There is a new one coming tonight.. Yes another new Sunshine.
Sergei at newstar..
taces23 - Aug 28th, '19, 21:31
Tinymodels, Sorry to see her go but that’s business.
I liked her and thought she had real potential but I didn’t have the means to join her site.
I’m sure the new model will be well accepted, peace. :)
Tinymodels - Aug 28th, '19, 23:55
Hey, Taces. The good news doesn’t end. We got Krystal back! I will have her up in a couple hours on her site with all missed updates made.
taces23 - Aug 29th, '19, 00:19
Tinymodels, :oops: I overlooked that her updates were put on pause, thanks for the update. :win
I’ll be back on track once I find a better ISP, I’m getting tired of Spectrum’s rate increases.
GhostBtch - Aug 31st, '19, 02:55
Hello, guys. New rules and forbidden models and agencies updated - rules/posting-rules-read-before-post-t49.html /-/ rules/allowed-forbidden-agencies-models-t5399.html
desert punk v3 - Sep 3rd, '19, 19:50
y did all my passwords change in the post its supposed to be amf.pw
desert punk v3 - Sep 3rd, '19, 19:55
message me i an will reply asap for any passwords which are wrong
justdoit - Sep 4th, '19, 21:36
What happened to the Jennifer MSP thread?
GhostBtch - Sep 5th, '19, 00:22
justdoit, I didn’t deleted any topic (except if illegal). I just changed forum domain and some settings.
GhostBtch - Sep 5th, '19, 00:23
desert punk v3, I’m sorry. I used a MySQL query to change all text with "amf.pw" to "amf.bz". This may have affected your posts.
desert punk v3 - Sep 5th, '19, 02:12
yes an i can’t edit it to the correct password
JAY71 - Sep 6th, '19, 18:13
i replied to Freastern - Brandi: and posted 2 sets that i have but do not know the set numbers. I hope its oke this way IF not I guess it will be deleted.
taces23 - Sep 6th, '19, 21:44
JAY71, I’ve deleted both posts and not for the reason you were concerned with but because you’ve posted both sets in a Gallery format and the images were way below the minimum size. We prefer that members post DL links within the Agencies forums but if you feel the need to post galleries there, please use the spoiler text so as not to clutter those forums. The minimum image size anywhere on AMF is 180 pixels, please be aware of this when you repost the sets.
taces23 - Sep 6th, '19, 22:12
JAY71, The two Brandy sets are of the wrong agency for which you’ve posted. I have all the info that you need for those sets, however, this chatbox wasn’t meant for requests nor for the posting of forum page links so, you’ll need to open a request topic for that or you could send me a PM. With that said, I’m ending this discussion, peace.
taces23 - Sep 14th, '19, 07:05
To all members/users: Guidelines for the Allowed & Forbidden Agencies/Models have been updated. This update includes the new guidelines for the Art Modelling Studios, School-Models, and the Wiley Studios Agencies and will have an impact with the NN Models Videos, and all the NN Models Galleries forums. Please review them before posting so as to avoid any post deletion, thank you.
justdoit - Sep 14th, '19, 08:30
Was anything salvaged from the previous School Models thread or has it been completely deleted?
taces23 - Sep 14th, '19, 09:07
justdoit, The chatbox wasn’t meant for such discussions so I can’t elaborate on that. Post your comment here so that we can continue with this subject.
justdoit - Sep 15th, '19, 09:34
When two elephants make love, it is only the grass that suffers...
tbwillie - Sep 21st, '19, 06:11
I just realized I’ll have been here 6 years on Monday. Thanks for making this my #1 favorite NN model forum.
taces23 - Sep 21st, '19, 07:26
tbwillie, 6 years, that’s pretty damn good. :rev That’s about the same age as this board which, in its own right, is a milestone. Compared to similar websites that started around the same time, we are living dinosaurs while they are fossilzed remains. :fun2
tbwillie - Sep 22nd, '19, 01:00
@taces23 I remember BabbleClub. I remember PlayToy Forum. May there always be an AMF. Thanks to all who’ve contributed and kept this place so clean.
MeMyselfNI - Sep 22nd, '19, 16:07
FYI: topic80871.html
You may wish to read the above help/support post on how to efficiently do a search before posting a gallery in 1 of our galleries forums.
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