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Candydoll VIP

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Candydoll VIP

Postby dreamer2000 » 23 Nov 2016, 23:05

Can someone please explain to me what the difference is/was between a standard Candydoll set/video and a VIP Candydoll set/video?
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Re: Candydoll VIP

Postby desert punk v3 » 23 Nov 2016, 23:53

Well as far as I can see the vips sets an videos consist of sometimes skimpy outfit,the fantasy outfits like school girls in very short skirts with their little underwear showing an now and then the usual crotch shots,dominatrix outfits and usually what the audience wants is what they get in the vip.
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Re: Candydoll VIP

Postby yoY0 » 25 Nov 2016, 14:34

Main difference was that you had to be a subscriber for more than three consecutive months to get the VIP sets and movies. Otherwise they were not really that different, especially the last years.

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