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Can't download from uploaded.net

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Can't download from uploaded.net

Postby skyte » 27 Dec 2016, 15:45

I am just wondering if anyone else is having this problem. I can no longer download anything from uploaded.net. When I follow a link there I get a screen that tells me to disable adblock (the site does not allow me to even attempt to download without doing so), but when I disabled it I still kept getting the same page. So, it won't let me download even when having adblock disabled. Anyone else run into this problem and find a fix for it?

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Re: Can't download from uploaded.net

Postby MeMyselfNI » 03 Mar 2017, 02:16

If you also have a script blocker running, you might try disabling that & then refresh the download page. I have had the same problem at other hosts (Rapidgator for 1) that doing that allowed me to get the file.

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