Looking for a free picture joiner

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Looking for a free picture joiner

Postby jumpinjackflash » 17 Mar 2017, 23:40

Hey, I'm new here. Hope to be posting some content soon. I'm looking for some free picture joining software that I can use to join pictures for posting purposes. I used to have one on an old computer.
I can only seem to find picture joining software for ipads etc. I need it for a PC. Thanks in advance if you can help! :rev :win

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Re: Looking for a free picture joiner

Postby gokkunfan » 17 Mar 2017, 23:47

Two programs I recommend:

PicJoiner & Intelligent Contact Sheet Maker: https://we.tl/PMYCcT9Gsy

PicJoiner is very small and simplistic, but works for joining like-sized images.

iCSM is more advanced, and can join pictures of varying resolutions, and output them into a joined image of your chosen size.

Image Image

picjoiner screenshot: http://imgbox.com/SQHQ7pTf
iCSM screenshot: http://imgbox.com/B5xb8HFk

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