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[Tutorial] Make A Donation!
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Author:  YvannBoon [ 09 Jan 2017, 23:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: [Tutorial] Make A Donation!

Perfect v2.0 wrote:
Ադմինիստրատոր wrote:What's problem about so much "anonymously"? We're a legal community, guys... ;)

I know. whats the biggie? If your wife looks at the bank statements then maybe, but other than that who cares.

Perfectly legal?

Well, kind of. While most of the content here is pretty standard and the mods do ensure that no child pornography passes through, there're still some things here that could be seen as creepy or legally dubious. For instance, there's a thread, which was a studio notorious for producing hardcore child pornography. There's also a lot of Sandra Orlow in the site and, considering her reputation, I don't think I need to explain why her content is not very friendly with the law. And also, there's a lot of sets and videos with models from around the early to mid 2000s era aka the Golden Age for teenage modelling, with a lot of content from agencies like Chemal & Gegg and WebeWeb, which have been raided. I won't lie, the last one is mostly why I'm here, but while many, including me, don't consider that content to be child pornography, it's undeniable that those models were indeed posing in often lewd outfits and suggestive poses while being sexualised by the photographer - and I say that because people often won't admit to that and instead say that "they're not naked so it's perfectly legal". While I'm very sexually liberal and don't see an innate problem with teenage girls being sexualised or sexualising themselves, the laws are there for a reason, and to a certain degree I agree with them.

Again, the mods ensure no child pornography goes through, so most of the content here available is "censored" when it comes to these kind of things. But still, considering what's accessible here, you must understand why some people might not want to relate their bank accounts with this.

Author:  YvannBoon [ 09 Jan 2017, 23:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: [Tutorial] Make A Donation!

Javabeansjoe wrote:So Bitcoin donations leave a trail to be led back to me?

If you're not viewing this site through an overlay like Freenet with a computer personalised for anonymity running on Linux in the basement of a location distant from your home, chances are you've already left enough trail to be led back to you 20 times over.

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