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GhostBtch - Jul 20th, '20, 20:31
Users who post image galleries, please read this thread - nude-galleries/for-all-user-who-post-galleries-nude-nonude-t87078.html
nutcracker - Jul 21st, '20, 04:40
Damn taces. . . Im sorry to hear this. You were doing a great job. Best of luck and hope to see you back on top soon.
ThunderLightningRain - Jul 21st, '20, 21:37
Bye taces. Come back soon ya hear. This place is boring without you.
desert punk v3 - Jul 22nd, '20, 12:04
dude you was doing great here
epshot25 - Jul 22nd, '20, 18:42
A few updates have been posted to "Upscaled Classics" for your viewing pleasure. I’ve gotten some control over file sizes, so most content is 1.5-3 mb’s now instead of 6-9mb! Same upscaled quality.
GhostBtch - Jul 22nd, '20, 20:33
ImgAdult seems offline for 24 hours now.
Terrikonikman - Jul 24th, '20, 13:15
Have you made any decisions about Brima? I am thinking of returning these files back and I would like to get a specific answer.
Terrikonikman - Jul 24th, '20, 13:24
From the fact that some person, leaving the forum, uttered an ambiguous phrase, it was not necessary to delete the entire Agency to the "doubtful" section (this is me about Brima). It is possible that this person had something completely different in mind.
markmarkymark - Jul 24th, '20, 14:05
To be fair, there is nothing ambiguous about it
justdoit - Jul 24th, '20, 14:50
Hey Brother btw... I like the Kandy Drops 8-)
Terrikonikman - Jul 25th, '20, 14:35
markmarkymark - Can I have some details? What’s the problem with Brima? "Be careful, the agency is bad", I know details, but I won’t tell you anything. That’s all we know now.
epshot25 - Jul 25th, '20, 15:45
50th (!!!) remastered set posted to Upscaled classics. Rei Kuromiya. I’ve been hoping for feedback and more importantly suggestions for further posts, so I’m not just posting my own interests.
taces23 - Jul 25th, '20, 16:27
Thanks guys for the support. :win
taces23 - Jul 25th, '20, 16:56
Terrikonikman, I take responsibility for any confusion about Brima. After being made aware of the investigations, I’ve posted the articles here: board-issues-resolutions-f121/addressing-resolving-issues-with-the-board-t86834.html and moved all Brima posts to the staff area for precaution. I had inadvertently deleted those articles, along with my other posts, when I stepped down from my position. My apologies. :(
markmarkymark - Jul 25th, '20, 22:14
@Terrikonikman The Ukrainian police web page would be a reasonable starting place, it’s in Ukrainian but the video gives a few ideas of what was going on, look out for the bears - https://www.npu.gov.ua/news/torgivlya-l ... vF194SEqDM
Terrikonikman - Jul 26th, '20, 11:31
markmarkymark -
Thank you for the information. It is not a problem for me to read the text in Ukrainian. Also now anyone can safely use an online translator. I realized that they were arrested for shooting topless "without parental consent" and for selling these sets and videos abroad. Like kind of Silver Agency. Okay, I won’t post even NN videos and photos Brima on this site.
JAY71 - Jul 29th, '20, 18:46
thanks for the script blocking @GhostBtch i had so much trouble logging in i kept being redirection every click of the mouse. very irritating untill fury and rage. got so angry i was about to delete my account anyways everything works fine now SO AGAI THANKS SO MUCH
epshot25 - Jul 29th, '20, 22:46
Running out of ideas for my Upscaled Classics thread. Anyone have any suggestions? Feel free to shoot them by me. Trying my best to keep things fresh and varied.
nedphotog - Jul 31st, '20, 20:24
You’ve been watching too much CNN. Bill Clinton went to the pedophile island 27 times and refused Secret Service protection. He went alone. TWENTY SEVEN times. Do you think there’s any doubt why he went there? Duh..... And Trump never went there but only met Epstein two times and public parties that hosted hundreds of people. They hardly knew each other. But keep watching CNN and they’ll convince you otherwise.
nutcracker - Aug 5th, '20, 01:55
Oh nedphotog. . . . its so cute you continuing to drink the fool aid. lol
justdoit - Aug 5th, '20, 03:36
Scarlett Updated.....Pro Kit! :d44
taces23 - Aug 5th, '20, 04:02
justdoit, Thanks for the update, bro. :win :rev
justdoit - Aug 6th, '20, 17:09
NS Kitty 2 also Updated.......Thanks Fetichista_77 8-)
GhostBtch - Aug 8th, '20, 14:58
Hey, guys. Don’t forget to visit our new partner - http://xn--models-uy74e.tk
taces23 - Aug 9th, '20, 00:33
GhostBtch, Thanks, GB. It looks GREAT! :win
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