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taces23 - Mar 14th, '20, 21:30
I’ve started a Brima thread in the support forum: support-chat/brima-t84491.html
I moved a few posts from the Brima photos thread because it was turning into a discussion.
justdoit - Mar 15th, '20, 11:43
Golden Egg? :d44
Fetichista_77 - Mar 16th, '20, 02:58
Hello folks, here I am still very anxious waiting for someone to publish TinyModel Mercedes I,II & III, and with a fast and free server, I hope my wish comes true soon. :pray
desert punk v3 - Mar 16th, '20, 03:03
will check an see if i got her
Fetichista_77 - Mar 16th, '20, 03:38
Ok desert punk v3, I sincerely hope that you have it, thank you very much in advance. :)
JimiCobain27 - Mar 18th, '20, 16:02
Is there any way to search specifically for members using a particular file host? Mainly looking for zippy or clicknupload or any other free ones since I’m a cheap bastard lol
taces23 - Mar 18th, '20, 17:39
JimiCobain27, Yes. Open "Search" and in the "search query" (search for keywords), type the file host you’re looking for i.e., Zippyshare, and click the Search button. If you want to search in a specific forum, choose one from the drop-down menu in the search options field, then click the search button. Hope this helps. :)
JimiCobain27 - Mar 18th, '20, 23:11
@taces23 Cheers, that is very helpful. :)
taces23 - Mar 19th, '20, 23:36
JimiCobain27, No problem. :)
taces23 - Mar 21st, '20, 00:53
Because I’ve been asked by multiple New Users, I’ve updated the forum rules for the TPI forum with the following addition:
✔ Newly Registered Users have limited access, only full members can post replies/create topics, see: Forum Permissions For New Users.
This rule may be added to other forums if so needed, please check the forum rules before sending a PM to the staff, TIA.
taces23 - Mar 22nd, '20, 16:37
I’m creating an index for the NS-UNP sets (416 for now) and I’d appreciate any suggestions.
I’ve added a download link to the online document (WIP) within my post if anyone wants to check it out. My post: viewtopic.php?p=328171#p328171
TIA. :)
Vigilante - Mar 22nd, '20, 23:24
Dark template installed, guys.
tbwillie - Mar 23rd, '20, 02:35
Thanks. Nocturna is easier on the eyes.
Fetichista_77 - Mar 23rd, '20, 04:43
Hallelujah, finally dark template, my eyes are very grateful. :D
Fetichista_77 - Mar 23rd, '20, 14:21
Hi everyone, I have searched and I have not found TPI miniseries Clarissa & Andee 87 sets, anyone have the complete collection?, I hope someone has it and publishes it, greetings to all.
GhostBtch - Mar 23rd, '20, 14:37
Fetichista_77, I found only sets 01-50 - http://littlestars.agency/the-people-im ... ssa-andee/
Fetichista_77 - Mar 23rd, '20, 22:29
Thank you GhostBtch, I had already found that page too, but it has a little problem, the download links are ex-load, I hope to find one with a free server, I really appreciate your time and help, take care buddy. :)
melby - Mar 24th, '20, 11:17
What’s with this "ampug" redirect page? You try to load the sign in page up .it redirects. once you get logged in and try to navigate to a page it redirect. A real pain in the backside!!!!!!
GhostBtch - Mar 24th, '20, 12:52
melby, I’ll try to solve this issue
nutcracker - Mar 24th, '20, 21:58
@ghostbtch, thank you. Ive been having problems with that for a while. Also, any luck on going back to a darker theme. This pink is kinda terrible.
dek44 - Mar 25th, '20, 00:12
in the holy name of jesuchrist back to the darker theme please :3
tbwillie - Mar 25th, '20, 03:31
Loli Clean (pink) or Nocturna (dark), there is a choice of board style. I like the dark too @dek44
GhostBtch - Mar 25th, '20, 06:05
Dark theme will be setup to default. If you want the pink theme, just select it at Portal right column.
taces23 - Mar 25th, '20, 16:14
Thanks for setting up the CNS forum, GB. :win
I’ll help you with the merging.
GhostBtch - Mar 26th, '20, 01:14
taces23, thanks, my friend!
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