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Forum Announcement: Announcement: Requesting Banned Content

To all members of AMF:

Please do not post requests for banned content, nor ask where to find such content, as this would result in an automatic warning and a possible ban to those who persist on them.
  • Content that is banned due to Copyright/DMCA policies may be discussed but not requested.
  • Content that is banned due to illegal/immoral reasons is never to be discussed nor requested.

Our rules, Allowed & Forbidden Agencies/Models, are categorized to show which agencies/models are banned and for whatever reason, this is so that we can better eliminate the discussion of certain banned content.  Some forums also have 'Banned' topics, such as the Banned Content from NS/TM thread within the NewStar • TinyModel forum.  Please review them whenever possible so as to avoid future warnings/bans, TIA.

Some custom content is banned from AMF.  The following, with some exceptions to Vladmodels, are not to be posted, nor requested.  Requesting such content may result in a warning, however, the posting of such content may result in a ban, depending on the staff member.  Please do not request any of this so as to avoid future actions, TIA.
  • 1st Studio/ShowStars - All customs are banned.
  • Brima Models - All customs are banned.
  • Newstar's "Cutie II" Model (Banned Content from NS/TM) - One regular, 2 from the CM Store, and 2 from the UNP website are banned.
  • ParadiseBirds / PolarLights - All customs are banned
  • School-Models - All customs are banned.
  • FL and The Club's "Kayley" Model (FashionLand Universe)
  • Vladmodels' "Katya Y111" Model - Some of the customs are banned.

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